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Modern Mystics NYC

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My birth name is Kathie Arseno. I was given the indigenous Taino name Inaruti Araní and as far as I can recall I have always considered myself a soul that was destined to serve.  I passionately believe that offering my skills set to better the lives of others is not an undertaking but more so my sacred responsibility. I am abundant in this way and feel beyond grateful.


Since graduating from Alfred University in 2009 with a Bachelors in Sociology, I have dedicated my life to community.  I started my professional journey working in the social services field with at risk children, adults, and professionals. I became strongly versed in advocacy and fundraising and used my passion in the arts to cultivate creative projects that could serve and empower those in need.  During this time, due to an array of personal challenges, I myself embarked on a long journey of healing and transformation and used the very wisdom that I gained during this initiation to expand my hearts calling.


In early 2013, I was introduced to holistic healing and the powerful medicine of meditation and yoga. I dived into studying the occult and mystical theologies of the world.  Soon after, I was led to begin my excursion as a tarot reader and certified yoga and fitness instructor.  Through my dedication and consistent practice, I began to gain full access of my intuitive and psychic gifts.  I understood that what I had to offer was a combination of the spiritual and the worldly. I use my sacred tools alongside practical and real resources to offer holistic support. I understand that a high caliber of life stems from a balanced integration of mind, body and soul and this is what I offer.


Currently, I am serving children and adult at various organizations throughout New York City including Green Generations and Little Flower Yoga. I have also launched my own studio and provide yoga based workshops, ancestral wisdom-shares, afro-indigenous events and ceremonies that support self–awareness and healing. I am also a traditional birthkeeper serving in the Bronx. I continue to work alongside other like-minded people in advocating a more conscious and positive way of life for all. Not just for us but for our future generations. 


Thank you for visiting and exploring my site, nothing makes me happier than inspiring others to become their highest versions.  Allow me to support you. 

Areas covered include:

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Emotional and Spiritual Counseling.

Group & Private Yoga Sessions, and Intuitive Energy Healing.

Afro-Indigenous Workshops, Events, & Ceremonies.





Inner Growth and Spiritual Development. 

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