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In 2020 I became an official birth worker. The journey started when I had a healing session with a well known curandera. Unexpectedly, she received the message that I come from a lineage of powerful birth workers and a promise of success and growth if I was to pursue this work in a traditional, spiritual and ceremonious way. I remember the day like it was yesterday.

A few months later, I was able to receive a full spectrum doula certification with Mammissi Birth Services . It was not until I received this certification that my mother had confirmed that my grandmother was a lay midwife in her village in Santiago, Dominican Republic. My grandmother, barely knowing how to read, successfully helped many families birth naturally and at home with zero medical intervention or training. I am grateful to all of my grandmothers known and unknown for passing this ancestral wisdom to me. 

My journey into the birth-keeping world was metaphysical and ancestral. I knew that birth-keeping was passed down from my indigenous/Taino lineage and I cannot deny the presence and wisdom I feel from them when I am doing this work. In the birth-keeping work that I do, ceremony, spirituality, and science are not separate. I have been fortunate to have already supported a few births.


Including a home birth with the birthing goddess Ewokgia and midwives SuperMamma Birth Services. Having a home birth, a Taino home birth specifically, as my first introduction into this world was life changing and set the tone in how I want to show up in this field. Six weeks later, I supported another Taino goddess in a hospital birth. Two completely different experiences, but essential in me truly understanding first hand why birth-keepers are so important and sacred.

No life carrier should be without the love, care and support of a birth worker.


birth support

B I R T H  I S  C E R E M O N Y

  • 2 Pre-natal Visits (in-person or online)

  • minimum 12 hours to entire birth

  • 1 postpartum visit.

Upon signing the service contract, the birth-keeper shall meet with the client at least once prior to labor, provide client with phone numbers and email so the birth-keeper may be reached in between appointments and 24 hours a day during the on call period, assist the client with making plans for the birth and writing a birth plan, and provide referrals for other services in the community.


The birth-keeper will be on-call for a period of two weeks before to two weeks after the estimated due date. Once called upon in labor, the birth-keeper shall arrive within two hours of that call and will stay with the client until one to two hours after the birth, unless otherwise indicated by the client. The birth-keeper will also provide at least one postpartum visit.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Home Births - $800-$1500

Hospital Births - $1000-$1800

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