The ButterFly MAN

June 25, 2017

Hey Bright Tribe...

In alignment with the resurrection of the divine male, our hearts have spoken. Meraki has dedicated the month of July to the masculine. As we continue to embark on the path less traveled, the ascension journey makes it clearer and clearer that balancing the polarity is in fact transcending it. The feminine/masculine, the yin/yang, the moon/sun are all representative of the forces that when woven in harmony, manifest all creation. We are ALL integral to the whole & the sacred marriage within is the destination. With that being said, beloved brothers we are psyched about this chapter. The sun rises! Check out the magical story that continues to unfold...

Meraki Presents an Exclusive Experience for Our Collective Expansion

“The ButterFly MAN” 

Our beloved brother Rainey Cruz has woven his vision of a masculine- oriented series. We will be acknowledging the journey of the divine masculine within three stages of evolution. These series will provide knowledge and lessons related to God/Goddess Culture, History/Herstory, Patriarchy/Matriarchy, True manhood/Toxic masculinity, Feminine/Masculine harmony. The work will be profound. You do not want to miss this!


Caterpillar (3D)- Panel of Truths 
2-6 pm
Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services
120 East 32nd Street, NYC
Energy Exchange: Donation Based

The first event entitled Caterpillar (3d) will be a panel of strong male pillars,  who will be leading a discussion about the past, present and future role of masculinity in our world. 
Guest Speakers 

Oso Pejute is a Mexican/Lakota holy man and Sundance chief based in Connecticut. He is a ceremonial leader and mediator of spiritual, physical and mental medicine for individuals and communities in need. 

Evan Bishop is a Yonkers-based visual artist, healer and self-proclaimed ambassador of Hip Hop culture and the black experience in America.

Justin Starkenburg is a practicing Thelemite and active member of Ordo Templi Orientis. He is based in New York City where he shares a passion for tarot, astrology, ceremonialism and candle work.

Meraki calls upon all of you who are seeking healing, transformation and evolution for the collective whole.


Brothers & Sisters are Welcomed!  



If you have any question, want to RSVP to any  event... Or just wanna share some LOVE,  You can reach us at or on Instagram @MerakiMagik


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