Online Workshop: Healthy Emotional Release for the Masculine with Rainey Cruz

Healthy Emotional Release for the Masculine with Rainey Cruz 7/10/17 $22 energy exchange 9-10 pm EST Meraki proudly introduces our very own bright pillar of the divine masculine, Rainey Cruz. He is a Caribbean-born artist with a spiritual and genetic lineage that can be traced back to Indo America, North America, Asia and Africa. He is a writer, traveler, skateboarder, DJ and soul creative with a passion for all things mystical, magical and matterful in this great collective journey. He is ruled by Mercury and carries a wealth of knowledge that he humbly embodies in the path of the heart. On this virtual night, you will be provided with a series of conducive protective, grounding and releasing techniques for men to use when dealing with the often overwhelming emotions of fear, sadness and anger that may derive from internal or external conflicts. Brothers, you will take home an emotional and spiritual skill set of tools that will help you check in, discern and take accountability of your states of thinking and being. The ultimate goal being identifying, healing from or preventing toxicity before it manifests. Some of the schools of thought that these tools will derive from include practices and rituals from indigenous nations, goddess culture, and warrior groups.

If you have any question, want to RSVP to any event... Or just wanna share some LOVE, You can reach us at or on Instagram @MerakiMagik

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