Online Workshop: Optimal Well Being with Cosmic Alexander

Optimal Well Being with Cosmic Alexander 7/17/17 $22 energy exchange 9-10 pm EST We are super thrilled to be hosting Alexander Alli, Owner and founder of Source Fitness Guru. Alexander comes to us from Guyana, a beautiful little country in South America. He is a dedicated fitness trainer with 10 years of experience under his belt. He is a CKO Kickboxing Instructor, a forever student of Yoga and Meditation, a US Army Veteran, Mixed Martial Artist of over 8 years, Adventurer, Artisan, Self-Realized Shaman and Father. Alexander lives a strict plant based lifestyle. He believes that food is his medicine and all of his medicine comes from plants. He promotes that no matter the lifestyle, you can become in-tune with your body so that you can harmonize your deepest strengths and tap into the language that only the mind-body connection can speak! Let’s venture with him to grasp this conscious way of life and explore how we can make it our own! Seeds of Knowledge: ~The divine masculine through Diet, Movement and Solitude ~Metabolism, Healing factors, & Metaphysical properties of a Plan Based Lifestyle ~Fundamental relationship between physical health and spiritual well being ~Basics on increasing body’s functionality and flexibility

If you have any question, want to RSVP to any event... Or just wanna share some LOVE, You can reach us at or on Instagram @MerakiMagik

Keep Shining!!!

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