Tarot Card of the Day: King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The King of Pentacles is a influential person. He is comfortable in his power, a motivator for many, and has achieved a certain status in life where people look up to him. This card may represent you or someone else in your life. Like a Taurus, the king of pentacles successfully attained money and wealth, and has mastery over his possessions. However, the upright position indicates that although he is wealthy he still remains grounded and humble. He is not carried away by the pursuits of earthly wealth, but inspired by it. A loyal friend or devoted husband this person may be tough to deal with at times but they will always have your back. A little patience and understanding is needed when the King of Pentacles is looking out for you but may come off a little rude or aggressive. Trust in this persons talent and abilities, they may be the person you seek for help and guidance. The King of Pentacles can also indicate that financial stability and wellness is on the way. May be a great time to make investments.

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