Tarot of the Day: Strength


Thursday, June 29, 2017

The strength card asks for you to be strong in facing adversity today. Challenges have come and your ability to overcome them is within. You are courageous and can face your opposition with pride and confidence. The Strength card corresponds with the sign of Leo. Your strength is not in your physicality, but in your ability to love and be compassionate towards others even when they hurt you.

The strength card may also be asking you to tame your sexual energies. Exercise self-control in matters you are passionate about. Reserve your power and act with both your head and your heart. Your courage to stand firm in your personal power will bring you much success and fortitude so have faith in yourself. The challenges that have risen are not to keep you down but to bring you to your next phase in life. Diamonds are made under pressure, so do not let any hardships doubt the powerhouse that you are. The solution is in your strength and how you use it.

The strength card may also signal you have great healing capabilities: emotionally, spiritually and physically.

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