Tarot Energy Forecast for Monday, July 3rd - Sunday, July 9th.

For the week July 3rd - July 9th Spirit is asking us to bring our attention back to our home. Make sure to check in with your children, wives, husbands and any other family member living with you. It is time to temporarily step aside from any work related activities and really bring harmony back to where we live. We may have to walk away from situations, people, or circumstances that are not bringing us emotional growth and stability. We may even have to make the conscious decision to walk away from situations where we may have made a lot of emotional investments without it being reciprocated.

The efforts we have made towards our goals and careers must continue, however we must not allow ourselves to become frustrated or discouraged when things do not fall in place or begin to move as quickly as we may want. Understand that nature takes its time with everything and yet its timing and execution is always as it needs to be.

By the end of the week we will be feeling a little more sensitive as usual. Psychic and intuitive powers will be high. It is important that we connect and listen to our intuition. Do not ignore any signs that may come to you. Intimate relationships may be challenged and you may find yourself losing your temper or projecting your frustrations on to someone else. Keep emotions in check. Remain grounded and do not react when things do not go your way.

Despite the obstacles, by the end of the week we should be feeling much harmony and happiness in our homes. Communications are improved between relatives allowing for more harmonious and fulfilling interactions.

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