Tarot of the Day: The Chariot

The Chariot

July 5, 2017

You are victorious in every way! You have overcome so many battles both on a spiritual and external level. It is time to recognize the many ways in which you have won. You have overcome depression, deceit, addictions, betrayal, personal losses, and in some cases even a near death experience ranging from car accidents to illnesses. As long as you are breathing and living another day you have triumph over any obstacles that come your way. Continue with that endurance, innate warrior mentality, and stamina for life.

Keep your intentions pure and remain disciplined in all matters such as emotional control to your daily practices and routines. Your inner will is powerful and anything you set your mind to you will achieve. Do not fear or build anxiety over people who may try to come in your way to stop you. Remember, what is yours no one can take away from you. Keep your pride, intelligence, and dignity! Wear them proudly as your medals for triumphing over your struggles.

Trust in your inner wisdom when faced with challenges. Your inner guide is strong, grounded and has wisdom from lifetimes of experiences. Do not fear the weight of more challenges and battles. Have courage in resolving any differences. Peace and harmony is obtainable.

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