Tarot of the Day: The High Priestess

Friday, July 8, 2017

The High Priestess

Connected to the moon, the high priestess symbolizes a persons emotional nature. Like her robe, her feelings are fluid. She embraces cosmic law and understands the workings of the universe. She is fertile with ideas and is of a creative spirit. She is the feminine force of the universe, the divine feminine. She always seeks balance, and to illuminate herself and then others with her cosmic wisdom. She understands the importance of secrets and why we must reserve some of our power only for our own understanding.

The high priestess is asking us, especially on this full moon to go within ourselves. Within you there is an abundance of understanding and wisdom. The path to take in your current situation will be found once you learn to quiet your thoughts, and to honor the emotions you feel without remaining attached to them. You may soon be offering guidance and wisdom to another in need, or a teacher or guide you seek will come your way. She will expose you to a new way of thinking and a new rhythm to life. With patience and intuition all will be revealed to you. Remain in a state of balance. Some things need to remain hidden so do not rush any decisions. Some hidden, "occult" wisdom or hidden mysteries may reveal itself to you or you may experience the revelation of deep sentiments. Do not repress them allow it to flow.

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