Tarot of the Day: Page of Swords Reversed

Page of Swords reversed is asking us to make sure to surround yourself with people who embrace and enjoy your company. This card may indicate that your energy may annoy others. Perhaps you are offering your advice without it being asked for. You may not be keeping up with your promises making people doubt your word in anything. Do not agree to something you know you cannot do. Your flakiness is turning people off. Be conscious that you are not constantly challenging or triggering others in order to get into an ego driven debate.

You may be acting too hastily without putting much thought into anything. There is a lot of energy and momentum around you, however it is not focused and all over the place. Calm your thoughts before executing a task, and do not do everything at once.

Lastly, this card can represent a fear of public speaking or throat chakra blockages. Do not be fearful of speaking your truth although it may be different from the norm. There are people who will benefit from receiving your wisdom and guidance.

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