Tarot Energy Forecast for Tuesday, July 11- Sunday, July 16

Weekly Tarot Energy Forecast for Tuesday, July 11- Sunday, July 16

I apologize for the low quality visual and audio. For the first time I recorded from my laptop I will not be doing that again.

Masculine energies are strong throughout the week. In the beginning, a lot of our earthly duties will come to an end or completion. Certain projects that we have been working on are ready to be released and shown to the public. Plans may not go as expected, and we may find ourselves starting from scratch. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the chaos. Technology will not be reliable so make sure to save and back up your work. Remember, although things may not go well it is not the end of the world. Keep grounded and centered in your emotions. You cannot solve problems in an angered or stressed state.

Strong energies will be at work to stress and trigger you. You may find yourself very agitated and easily angered. Make sure to stay nourished and hydrated. Pay attention to what emotions arise and honor them so that you may release them. Whatever you need for your mental state to improve make sure to do it.

People are in their feelings and very sensitive, especially the men in our lives. This means we need to honor our environments and remove ourselves from certain situations. Time to set boundaries, cut your losses, and move on to greater things. Explore new ways to heal or new perspectives to current situations. We are going to start looking for other possibilities or alternatives. Be open to messages and revelations. We may have to address and heal uncomfortable sentiments. We will end the of the week in a calm, relaxed, and reflective state. Meditate on Sunday and spend sometime alone.

Masculine Panel at Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services 2-5PM 120 East 32nd Street

For More information visit my website: www.modernmystics3.com

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