Tarot of the Day: Knight of Swords Reversed

The Knight of Swords represents a young person who is filled with strength, power, sex appeal and very strong ambition. This person is highly competitive and does not taking losing very well. The Knight of Swords will do anything to reach success, even at the expense of others. Beware!

The knight of swords brings challenges and struggles so that you may learn to set boundaries and exert your own strength and will power. Sometimes the knight appears in a reading when you are in need of brute strength. It its time to find that unstoppable force within you or risk circumstances worsening. Do not fear, the lessons the knight of swords teaches are quick and swift.

Presently you are feeling anxious and impatient with the way things are moving for you. You may find yourself attracted to a younger ambitious person but be careful with this youthful energy. They will bring more disharmony and conflict nicely packaged with great sex. This cards warns to be careful you trust and confide in. You must build the courage to fight your own battles.

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