Tarot of the Day: The Emperor

The emperor is associated with authority and Aries like characteristics. The emperor represents assertiveness, sexuality, and intense need to express your personal will. The righteous leader will do anything to protect and defend what they cherish. All that he has built or created he holds with great value. He is grounded and secure. His strength is driven by love although he may come off as aggressive at times.

The emperor is telling us that we must stand up for ourselves. We cannot rely on anyone to fight our battles. Everything you do today must be driven by a personal need to take action and make changes in your life. We may need to protect and defend our loved ones who are not as strong willed. Tough love may be needed to resolve some issues. However, we must do this in a intelligent and reasonable way.

An abundance of solar and masculine energy is available to us for current plans and projects. Be mindful that we do not let our authority and power get to our heads. This can easily lead to a place of disharmony within us and others. Be firm and stand your ground without hurting anyone. Meditate so your power is not driven by ego but with love and compassion.

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