Tarot of the Day: Temperance

Temperance is reminding us that emotional self control is needed when facing dualities. The angel on the card is androgynous fully embodying both the feminine and masculine energies. A fusion of two polar opposites. The angel does not find conflict in dualities but harmony and balance within the two.

This beautiful angel is also present to remind us that divine guidance is available to all of us today. The angel has one foot in water (water intuition), and the other on the earth (practical earthly solutions). Guidance will come to you from a very divine source to help you in your earthly matters. It is time to bring heaven down to earth and we do so by connection to our emotions, not repressing or ignoring them.

Do not force anything today and allow spirit to flow. We all seem to be waiting for something to happen and its manifesting very slow but we must cultivate patience. You do not need to rush or force a desired outcome because what you wish for will happen regardless, but not how you expect them to. Recognize spirit is at work and greatness cannot be rushed. Have trust in your angels and spirit guides.

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