Weekly Tarot Energy Forecast for Monday, July 17- Tuesday, July 23

The beginning of the week our energies will be very focused and driven towards the work we have been doing. We are still not seeing the fruits of our labors but we must continue investing our energies in the work we are passionate about. Things are manifesting quickly but not how we want them to. By the Fall, a lot of the good work we have done will be ready to harvest.

Internal feminine energies will keep us grounded. Tap into your maternal nature. Are we nourishing those around us? Are we giving back to others, ourselves, Gaia? Self care is very important, but once we are grounded and abundant in energy we can look into how we can be more of a service to others.

In the middle of the week we may see conflict in our relationships at work and home. Be wary of people who will do anything to succeed, even if it may hurt you. There is a lot of competition and jealousy in work environments. Do not get caught up in the drama, it really does not have anything to do with you. Keep positive and know when to walk away from toxic situations before you make things worst. Do not let challenges overwhelm you, conflicts and how you handle it will make you stronger.

We may be feeling jaded and bored with life. Unfulfilled with our current situations and a lot emo sentiments may come up. Don't miss out on blessings because we cannot see the good things coming our way. Do not victimize yourself by allowing your past and emotions take control of your present state.

By the end of the week we shift in our energies from a grounded place to uncertainty in our work, friendly, and/or intimate relationships. Pay attention to how certain people make you feel. If you are feeling unsure about a relationship and ask yourself if this relationship is uplifting and benefiting you emotionally? Are we putting our love and attention in places where it is not being reciprocated? Are we getting the love we deserve in our intimate relationships? Be careful of people who are embodying toxic female energies, including men.

On Sunday the sun moves into the sign of Leo reminding us things are not as bad as we may perceive them to be. Sunday should be a really fun day. Spend time with others, or perhaps with yourself. Discover your own company and fun. Allow the sun to heal and bring you joy. Connect with solar energy to help lift your mood and bring fun and excitement back into your life.

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