Tarot of the Day: The Hanged Man Reversed

The hanged man is all about sacrifices. The reversed position is reminding us that we are not making the sacrifices needed for our spiritual development. In some cases, some of us are acting as if we have made so many sacrifices for a good cause but its ego hiding behind the mask of spirituality. Each day more and more people are claiming to be "woke" without making any real changes in their lives to reflect what they preach. Are you meditating? Are you keeping up with your spiritual studies and practices? Are you investing in your own spiritual growth, or are you just acting for your own selfish reasons? Are you trying to keep an appearance for social media and the followers around you? All things we must authentically ask ourselves. Especially as false prophets are on the rise in the light-worker community and the conscious collective.

The hanged man reversed is directing us to do further introspection to our own behaviors.

In order for our current situation to improve, effort is required. Inner reflection is needed to recognize the habitual toxic patterns of thought and feelings that hinder our spiritual growth. As we enter Eclipse season in August, it is becoming more important to address these issues before we enter a new cycle of our lives.

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