New moon and sun in Leo and embracing our authentic truth.

Photo by C. Darshiny Erickson, a.k.a. Hidden Art Box

Whooo take a deep breath! Things are going to be intense for the next couple of weeks but it is all for our highest good. On Sunday July 23, 2017, the new moon enters the sign of Leo at zero degrees. The sun, moon and Mars are all conjunct 1-2 degrees from each other in the regal sign of Leo. To add more excitement into the mix, the north node and Mercury are also in the sign of Leo. Powerful times! Leo Season sure knows how to make an entrance.

The new moon is guiding us into identifying our core values. What is most important to me? What do I desire? What is my connection and attitude to money, relationships, and success? We are being brought back to source, to our divinity, and to help us realize what really matters. When we shed away old belief structures, teachings and behaviors we evolve into a new way of being. We are entering an understanding that our ultimate search for truth goes beyond what is right or wrong. The ultimate understanding of what life is, and deeper connections to our truth is what we seek. There is something greater to life, and our souls are calling us to it.

Sunday will be a time of decision making. Ending contracts and making new ones are of essential. Many relationships have served their purpose and will only hold you back from your path. Some new contracts may need to be made to help you along your journey. Our time, commitment, duties and boundaries will be strongly placed and prioritized as we step into our regal nature. We will know when it is time to say yes and when it is time to say no. As we no longer question the direction of our path, we will question whether the people we walk with are on the same quest as us. We will begin to identify with more confidence the members our tribe and who we will continue our journeys with.

We will no longer be giving up our power, values and/or truths. This New moon in Leo is about being our most honest, authentic original self and honoring it at all costs. People will either love you or hate you for it, and that is okay. Leo will show us how to wear our hearts on our sleeve and honor the alignment of events, both good and bad, that lead us on our path. We will no longer fear showing the world who we truly are. In doing so, you will attract an abundance of love and meaningful relationships that honors the path you have chosen for yourself. You are aligned with your truth so there is nothing left to hide. We will bring joy and the lightness of being back to our lives but we must first shed those parts of us that are no longer needed.

Peace and new moon blessings!

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