Tarot of the Day: Eight of Swords Reversed

Today we may find ourselves triggered by past traumas and/or current challenges. We have found ourselves in a situation where we have emotionally been misguided and now are in an a dilemma where it feels as if there is no way out. Return back to logic and reason today and you will begin to see things a little more clear. The troubles before you are not as deep as you perceive them to be, and the blockages in your way can be worked around. However, move cautiously that there are dangers in your environment that needs to be considered.

Some difficult news may create an urge within us to escape but in order to heal the situation we must face it. No matter the challenge, you must gather your strength and address the obstacle. But first the blindfold must be removed and you must see things for what they really are. Do not worry, the reversed position indicates that the this too shall pass sooner then later.

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