The Sucsexful Project by Hidden Art Box

It brings me much joy to share with you this amazing video series by Hidden Art Box titled, "The Sucsexful Project." When I was invited to be part of this collaboration, I was so honored to even be considered. C. Darshiny Erickson, artist and creator of Hidden Art Box is extremely talented at capturing the essence of her muses. In this body of work, she conducts a small series of interviews in combination with body paint that captures the essence of each person interviewed. Hidden Art Box quotes Pianca L., "insight to the journey of women who are fiercely pursuing their purpose in life, and are unapologetic about how they choose to express themselves in all their faith, confidence and femininity."

Below is my interview in this series. I open up my heart and express what it means to be truly "sucsexful" from my perspective. I hope it motivates and uplifts your spirit as it has mine. I will like to dedicate this video to my taino ancestry. Aho!

Please support this amazing artist and creative healer endeavors. Please visit her website to see the full series and other cool things!

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