Tarot of the Day: Five of Swords

Where you are going certain people cannot come with you. As you continue to grow and walk your path, you will start to notice that some people you used to connect with feels awkward or uncomfortable. Nothing negative or bad happens with such person, however your energy feels drained after being with them as much as you love and adore them. Listen to these emotional cues, they may be hinting it is time to end certain soul contracts. This does not mean you completely cut the person off and never speak to them again. Compassionately, you just know that there is not anymore growth and potential in some relationships and your energy can be invested and reciprocated elsewhere.

For some of us, breaking up from certain relationships will bring much sorrow, grief and a sense of defeat. But we need to be honest with ourselves, is it really worth fighting to keep a union together that will only result in further loss of your energy, and in some extreme cases your soul?

As we end contracts, we will build new ones. Trust that the cuts necessary will bring forth an abundance of energy that will vitalize and emotionally, physically and mentally uplift you!

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