Tarot of the Day: Two of Cups

I was so happy and giddy when I picked this card. I couldn't stop giggling and felt so many butterflies in my stomach. Many people are seeking love or meaningful relationships in general. So when I picked this card I felt so happy to know that many harmonious relationships are coming together. This card also suggests a lot of healing is going to occur between masculine and feminine energies, thank God! I know many of us are sick of the baby daddy/momma, fuck boys, toxic women, and parental drama. We have been doing a lot of purging, introspection and soul searching to attract the right people in our lives, and that time is soon coming for many of us if it is not here already. Open your hearts, find emotional balance, and be open to receiving the love you have been praying for. You are worthy and you deserve this happiness so NO to self sabotage!

Tuesday, August 1st we have the two of cups. Love is in the air and you are most definitely smitten! So many important relationships are in your life and they have been bestowed to you from a heavenly source. Opportunities for healing old relationships are present. Passion, romance and affection are in abundance. If you are single, and looking for love this card is a good sign. Love is coming your way. So keep your hearts open and stay connected with your emotions. Do not doubt the love that is coming for you. This card can also suggest harmony between masculine and feminine energies, and emotional health and balance.

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