Tarot of the Day: Four of Pentacles

Sometimes we are so accustomed to the struggle when we enter more stable times we want to preserve it as much as possible. We are always prepared for the worst because nothing good ever lasts, so we hold on until we are forced to let go. Perhaps we have been frugal and limiting the exchange of our resources and finances. Relax, you are moving in a different vibration. The wealth and success you have acquired will provide you a solid foundation to last you throughout the years. Once again, we are being reminded of our wealth and power, there is no need to keep up an image of success or to prove your worth to anyone.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 we have the four of pentacles. We are finding ourselves to be a little more stable in our earthly lives. We have worked very hard and are feeling content and comfortable with where we are in our lives. Many of us have lived rags to riches experiences and we may be holding on to our wealth or possessions with no intentions of letting them go due to fear of losing it all. Relax, stability is yours for the long run. Perhaps we feel the need to constantly defend our honor, accomplishments and our basic life values. There is no need for you to prove your worth to anyone but yourself. Any current financial problems should have a successful solution. Some of you may even receive an inheritance or royalties.

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