Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

The number 8 represents transformation, accelerated growth, and the use of creative energy to its highest potential. Those who are aware of their path and destiny are being given the green light to pursue your passions wholeheartedly. Today is not a day to fallback on our dreams. The energies in place will help us make quicker strides towards our goals.

Friday, August 4th we have the eight of wands. Eight of wands is all about our creative energy and it’s potential. We are being asked to use our creativity and talents to activate and improve the quality of our lives and those around us. The eight of wands can also be a green light to move forward, ceasing opportunities from romance to starting your own business. Keep grinding, the creative impulse you feel is going to take you places. Whatever it is that you are doing will lead to your expansion. This is a time of action and it is advised to make use of previous accomplishments to propel you forward. You will find a lot of support and cooperation today. Go with those creative impulses, you are definitely going places.

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