Tarot of the Day: The Empress Reversed

Today we must make the time to center and ground ourselves. Emotionally we are not stable and we may be triggered by relationships. If you find yourself losing yourself over someone else, please let this be a wake up call from the universe! You matter first and foremost and its time to start treating yourself like the King and Queen you are. Some of us may be experiencing challenges in fertility. Do not let worry and anxiety take over, there are solutions to your situation but we must quiet our minds and open our hearts so we can truly listen to what spirit is telling us.

Thursday, August 3rd we have the empress reversed. The empress is regal, beautiful, wise and a symbol of peace and self-confidence. Wise in her understanding of relationships and their dynamics and fertile like the corn field in front of her. The empress is also extremely connected with nature and the flow of her emotions. She has knowledge of natural law and has been victorious in practicing self control over her passions. However, the reversed position of this regal card suggests that we have lost our power by caring too much about another person emotional and material needs and neglecting our own. A lot of us are unsure where our relationships are heading. You may find it difficult to get along with others today. Most likely, the issue is you and you are in need of a reality check. Emotional balance is lacking today and it may be to your benefit to find some quiet time and figure out what is wrong.

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