8-8-17 Lionsgate Portal Meditation

The lionsgate Portal activates when the star Sirius comes into alignment with our Sun. This happens from July 26th to August 12th in the sign of Leo and the reason why this portal is called the lionsgate. The energy coming from this portal is strongest on August 8, 2017, the day after the partial lunar eclipse and full moon in Aquarius, bringing back a focus to our humanity and how we can serve to our highest potential. On the 8th we will experience intense "light energy" from these celestial bodies on earth. The number eight symbolizes the equalizer and bringer of balance. Many shifts that bring harmony in our lives will occur so allow things to fall apart so you may attract energies more aligned with your souls purpose.

The sun, the source of all living things on our planet in alignment with Sirius brings great change, harmony, and transformation to our lives. An intense and powerful shift of energy will occur that will activate and heighten the consciousness of every living thing on the planet. This energy comes from the higher realms and dimensions. People who identify as light-workers or starseeds may feel a sense of home and oneness with the universe. This energy is to help us embody our highest soul reality. Each day this planet is moving towards the consciousness of the higher realms and advanced star societies.

Old patterns are ready to clear. Create new intentions that will propel the human race into a higher levels of thinking and expressing.We can do this by setting an intention to create more meaningful connections, and create new realities that are aligned with our souls gifts. This energy is powerful enough to reactivate your DNA and bring great healing into your life. Relationship, travel, and career is up for review. Ask yourself, are you living your life's purpose? Let go of labels and words that separate. Let go of the illusion of separation. Trust and stay committed to your vision of the future.

Some of us may experience grief letting go of old patterns and perspectives. When you find yourself being drawn to your past, return your attention to the present moment. Make every decision consciously.

Take full responsibility of your personal power. There is no need to act small. You have great power within you. You are not needy, you are abundant. You are a lion, you are a lioness and you do not need to prove your strength, power and worth to anyone. Let go of any desires to have complete control of everything. Flow with life. Do not compare your journey, path or process with others. You have your own unique medicine to offer the world.

Your path is uniquely yours so find your own voice instead of following what others say is good for you.Listen to your body. All food is light. There are no rules in the new paradigm. Eat intuitively and not what by what is trending or the current norm. Our bodies is in alignment with the higher frequencies and dimensions as we absorb more light. The old is being transformed to the new. We are becoming clear channels of source. Trust more, fear less, and always move from the heart. Change is not easy, especially uncertainty. Pour your love into everything. Work in harmony with the wisdom in your heart, spirit and mind.

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