Happy Birthday Tarot Reading for Leos!

Happy Birthday Leo! Our season has been filled with exciting events such as two new moons, two eclipses, planets in retrograde, and the opening of the Lionsgate Portal. It excites me to do this reading in honor of us and in constant gratitude for the special gift of LOVE and STRENGTH we give to the world. I hope this reading lifts your spirits and confirms the amazing year ahead of you.

Present/Eight of Cups: Leos, you are currently on your grind. You are working hard and keeping your attention to your goals and making them happen. You have been minding your business, and minimizing distractions. You are not consuming your mind with what is trending, or feeding into the fears surrounding your environment. You are committed to your work and many of you are fulfilled with the paths you have created. You are very meticulous with your handiwork, only wanting to give the very best of yourself. Not rushing the process, you understand with time things only get better. Many of you have found your purpose, if not you are definitely about to soon. Your talents, degrees, experience, and professional work ethic will pay of very well for you at the present time or in the near future. This is definitely a time for you to shine as you continue leveling up in your careers and spiritual life. It is not a time for you to act small. You must confidently be proud of your special shine; it will lead the way for others to shine.

Challenges/Seven of Cups Reversed: Leos, I know you believe and know that anything is possible and you are all creators of your destinies. Your desires are extremely strong right now and sometimes you get so caught up in planning and preparing for your future with plans and projects but realistically, some of these thoughts and feelings are out of reach. Slow your role. You are very excited and want to make things happen quickly, but it is advised to wait and let things play out. That amazing will power within you will continue to move things forward for you. Patience is the current theme in your life. When things feel hopeless allow yourself to let it be. In this space you will find the clarity and tranquility to attract solutions to your situation. Know that any opportunities that were missed but were meant for you will still be yours. They will come back in another way and forms so do not worry about catching up with lost time. You are right where you need to be. Avoid illusions of grandeur. Be mindful that you are not manifesting through your ego’s mind, this will allow for confusion. All manifestations must come from the heart for it is your best guide.

Immediate Past/Nine of Swords: A lot of you are transitioning or coming out of difficult times. There is no immediate threat anymore, yet some trauma lingers from past experiences. You may be losing sleep because of your running thoughts. You may feel as if something is hanging over your head, but the darkest hours have already past and you are ready to step into your light. Through your work and ambitions you have been transmuting this energy. “Action is the antidote to worry.” Any failures you have experienced in your life you may let go of. If you have lost a loved one, know that time heals all wounds. If you are still in this space, the despair you feel is temporary and you will find yourself in higher vibrations. Continue to do the healing work. The active energy you put into healing your past pain will quickly get you out of your depressed state. Eat colorful food and stay away from meat and fried foods until your mood balances. Whenever you find what is stressing you, it most likely has to do with your past or future. Many times you worry about things that have already happened and of outcomes that have not played themselves out. When this is happening you are not in the present moment. When your thoughts travel to the past or future, bring yourself to the present moment and you may find the peace of mind you seek.

The Immediate Future/the Magician: The Magician is creativity in practice. You are in complete control of your immediate environment. And even when everything has gone to shit and you have lost control of everything outside of you, your internal state will still be intact. Whatever you have been manifesting will come to life. This card also indicates a leveling up in your confidence, will power, intelligence, and professional work ethic. You have the ability to summon new ideas and truly make things happen. This energy will propel you towards your goals. The magician is knowledge in action. Make sure that all the studying, meditating and reflecting you have been doing is pushing you towards achieving your goals. Continue to advance you knowledge from a master degree to the Akashic records.

The best outcome (What you desire)/Three of Cups: You just want to have fun and be around good people. You want to attract members of your tribe and only have those of positive spirits around you. You are completely staying away from gossip, violence, and any toxic environments. You are not getting involved in conversations or movements that separate one from another. You are staying away from competitive environments and attracting more cooperative and productive energies. You desire to bring in people into your lives who are aligned with your soul’s purpose; and friends who are going to be present to celebrate your achievements. Good times and celebrations are in abundance in your future. For some of you this can signify a very active social life, with extra-curricular recreational activities. Moderation is always advised for everything you do. Many of you wish to bring in romance and are ready to receive love. For those in long term relationships marriage, birth of children, moving in to new homes are definitely desired and possibility.

Foundation/ Two of Swords: This card often represents dualities and coming to terms with both your yin and yang energies. It can symbolize a sacred union of the divine male and feminine, the dark and light. It can also signify a truce, or alliance between two parties for a common goal. This is not a romantic union, but one that will help you reach your goals. Many conflicts in your lives have been resolved and you have remained in you power. Past challenges have developed you into peaceful warriors and your energies are no longer invested in fighting old battles, but creating a new future. Alliances that form will be of mutual energy exchange and you will work collectively towards a certain vision. If there is unnecessary drama lingering between you and people, it is advised that the conflict is resolved. Outstanding differences may cause blockages in you road to success. Reflection and meditation is strongly advised before making any major decisions.

Emotions/ Eight of Swords: There is something that is worrying you and at times, making you feel as if you are in crisis. You will find yourself in difficult situations, and things may seem unclear. But things are only as bad as you choose to perceive them. There are definite dangers in you environment but nothing you cannot safely get yourself out of. Hone and stay connected to your intuition. Meditation may help clear unwanted negative thoughts so solutions to your challenges may arise. The quicker you act to remove the dangers, the lessening the effects of the difficulties. This card warns to be careful of where you go and with whom. Keep your inner circle sacred and if anyone gives you bad vibes please honor what you are feeling. You will experience defeat and failures but are accountable if you neglect the warning signs and not be able to see pass the fog. You cannot escape or ignore bad situations Leo, so we must get better at coping.

External Influences/the Fool: The fool can indicate a need to move on from some of your external environments. It does not matter if you have known a person, place or thing since childhood; if they do not align with you purpose you must lovingly part ways. It may be groups of friends, work environments, to where you live. You are noticing that you have outgrown some situations and it is its time to expand your consciousness and understanding by moving on to more unknown territory. Many new opportunities are present that will lead to new spiritual and intellectual developments, experience, adventure and growth. This is a time of your life to walk in confidence. You need to truly believe in what you are becoming and where the universe is guiding you. If you believe in yourself then others will believe in you without hesitation. You are making a presence, and stepping out on faith. Time after time the universe has taught you that it will always catch you when you fall. Allow this confirmation to take away any fear of failure, loss or pain.

Hopes and Fears/ Ten of Pentacles: Many of you have experienced loss of income, friends, divorce or changes in family dynamics. You are not new to the struggle and there is always a fear of returning back to those states where everything is an obstacle. You do not have to carry this fear with you Leo. In your minimal state you have learned to shine. When you had nothing but your wit, strength and inner guidance, you found your way out of the darkness with your inner divine light. You shine by the love and investment you put into everything. You shine by the love and healing you put towards healing your relationships. You shine by the love and consciousness you bring into your material success and financial abundance. In your limited financial states, you learned your worth outside of the amount in your bank account. You continuously pour love into yourself, others and mama earth. Now it is time to receive in return. Let go of any fears of you lacking or never reaching love, companionship, material or financial success. Trust in all that has happened. A lot of struggles will come to its completion and you will experience all kinds of wealth. However, in order for you to receive your blessings you must let go of your fear of failure. You must have complete and utter faith in yourself and what you are capable of giving to the world.

Final Outcome/Temperance: You are continuously transforming and evolving to a higher dimensional version of yourselves. You find yourselves not getting caught up with any extremes or sides, but taking a more neutral and higher road. It’s important that you practice moderation in everything that you do. From your eating habits to your career pursuits, you must discipline yourself to do everything with a healthy balance. When chaos happens it is essential you find you peace and tranquility before making any life changing decisions. With a calm mind and heart you can solve any problems that come your way. You will become at peace with all of the good and bad that has happened to you and allowing yourself to be guided by your inner voice and guides. When creating your vision, take the slow and steady approach. Go more for quality and do not rush anything. If something feels right or not honor all that arises within you. Detaching temporarily from social groups, media and events is advised from time to time to hone into you gifts and perfecting yourself and vision. Avoid unnecessary pain, drama and stress at all cost. There is nothing to fear the worse is already behind you. You may confidently know that everything that happens is to serve you highest good.

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