Happy Birthday Virgos!

Happy Birthday Virgos! I was so happy recording this free tarot reading for you. This is a big year for you. You will begin to see all of your manifestations come into creation and you will experience a steady leveling up in all areas of your life. You have done so much work, studying and preparing you cannot lose. In the recent past, you have been feeling stagnant but you will soon experience a vital amount of creative energy. A lot of life changing decisions will be made this year so it is important you stay calm and grounded throughout turbulent times. You may experience a shift in your environment as you realize some people have hidden agendas and are only looking to use you as a stepping stone. Do not share your vision with everyone and keep you plans and strategies to yourself. Be mindful of youthful energies who may take advantage of your maternal kindness. Reserve some of your loving, nurturing, wisdom, strategies, and especially money for yourself.

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