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Greetings Beautiful Soul! I hope the Sun's warm touch has found its way to you. Summer has a luscious way of drawing us out of our safe spaces and into the blooming and seductive landscape. We become more brazen, somehow more determined, as if the Sun calls for our spirit to take heed of its purpose. These past few months from Eclipses to Gaia's vibration have shifted so much energies, yet we find ourselves at the precipice of our path, contemplating our next move, asking ourselves - "How did I get here? Where am I going?" You've made it this far via a myriad of choices, some made by you, others for you. Take stock of your soul's travel. Know that what came before matters and what is waiting ahead evokes hope. However, neither space can be inhabited for too long as they only provide glimpses distorted by our perception. Growth is not linear, it doesn't follow a rigid course of action. Growth is what happens when you're lost. And its okay to be lost, to not have all the answers. That's when the "Aha" moments come forth with less effort. That's where the magik happens. Don't allow the deviations from where you wanted to be or thought you should be diminish where you are. Don't let your struggle become your identify. Within the clamor of your discernment, trust that the thought out movements and sudden changes have all laid out the current mapping of your journey’s saunter. Find your ground and plant your feet. Take a deep breath and smile. The path is there with or without you yet it becomes purposeful once you walk upon it. You are the architect. Now go on, be that dopetastic being that you are


A few months back Meraki shared intro classes on some pretty rad topics. This month we figured "Let's go back to school" cyber style. We'll be delving a bit deeper into those topics. Each workshop is $22 Mondays - 9pm - 10pm EST Via Zoom September's cyber knowledge....

Symbolism in Tarot with Kathie/LadyLove 9.11.17

The tarot is an ancient method used to seek answers and guidance, often pertaining to the future, using a 78 deck of cards inscribed with mysterious symbols and images. Learn the significance of common symbols such as pentacles and wands to more complex images and numerology. Gain deeper understanding and clarity with this introduction course on the many symbols in tarot. We will also explore the esoteric and metaphysical doctrines the symbols represent.

Chakra Relations with Noelia 9.18.17

When working with our chakras the best course of action is to learn about each of them individually, then use that knowledge to learn about ourselves and where we may have blockages or excess energy. Once we have that awareness we can work towards that which needs healing. What if I told you there is more than working with chakras on an individual scale? Chakras are "wheels" of energy and when you hone in on how each of their vibration works in connection with the other chakras, a whole new symbiotic modality of healing opens up. This cyber class will show how chakras impact one another in both a balanced and unbalanced state.

Kundalini with Ishtar/Dev Atma Kaur 9.25.17 The Siri Gaitri Mantra is a powerful universal mantra for healing. We cannot deny that our beautiful planet harbors much pain. We all walk around with some level of dis- ease, whether it is physical, emotional or energetic, none of us are immune. With that being said, our level of consciousness continues to expand and we are becoming more and more aware of the power of intention and the energetic impact that we all have on one another. In this cyber session we will delve into what the Siri Gaitri Mantra is and the power that it sustains for self-healing as well the healing of another. This cyber session is for anyone who is seeking to support their own healing, the healing of a loved one or the collective. For all of you who are experiencing your souls calling to step into your roles as healers I highly recommend this wisdom as it will fortify your magikal touch.

~ Ishtar

If you have any question, want to RSVP to any event... Or just wanna share some LOVE, You can reach Ishtar or Noelia at merakijourney@gmail.com or on Instagram @MerakiMagik

Keep Shining!!!

In Magik & Gratitude, The Tribe

To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.


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