New Moon in Taurus Tarot Reading

It has been so long since I have posted on my blog! I have been spending a lot of time in full service and it has been challenging to find time to write general tarot readings for all of us. However, I have been feeling grounded lately and decided to make time to do a special reading for you all. I hope you enjoy.

A new moon symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is a great time to plant new seeds, explore things differently, start over, or start something entirely brand new. It is also a good time to reflect on values and beliefs thats are no longer serving your highest good. This new moon reading reflects some of the things we should place our focus on during the earthly, stable and very stubborn but grounded energy of Taurus.

Past: Six of Swords Many of us are leaving people, energies, cycles, and behaviors in our past that are no longer serving our highest good. And we are choosing not to take our guilt and shame with us. Many of us are realizing that dwelling on what has occured in our past is causing more self harm than what actually happened. It is time to accept our past and move on, or at the very least, genuinely try. Things have been dark for a while but we are starting to gain clarity. Times were most definitely uncertain, but there is a knowing presence inside of you that just knows everything will be okay. Have faith that all has passed will lead to future opportunities and success.

Present: Two of Pentacles Money management is very important now especially with the summer months coming upon us. Steady and secure income is what many of us desire and with this energy we will start to find inspiration to make it happen. Important decisions are needed to be made and it is best that we take a practical and logical route. Exciting news, travel and a social life is blooming. Remember to have fun and not overthink things. In connection to the six of swords, remember that gains will not be made until things are released.

What is helping?: Nine of Cups Harmony and personal success is present for many of us. We have accumulated many achievements over the years and we are feeling good about the direction we are going whether it be emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in our careers, or in our intimate lives. Keep up the good work in your pursuit of happiness, clarity and purpose. You are making great strides in your growth.

What is not helping?: The Empress We may be relying too much on our past success, what has already been done and our old ideas and vision. It is time to take reinvent ourselves and give birth to new creative endeavors. Make sure we are not losing our creativity focusing on the visions and dreams of others. Some of us may be unsure about our relationships and where it is going. Feeling confused and insecure. We may be finding it challenging to get along with others as well. The Empress suggests that the problem may be with you and some reflection is necessary. Take your time before making important decisions and do so from a grounded, clear place and not through your emotions.

What is going on in my relationships?: Four of Rods Take time to be with family and friends. You have been working so hard and have disconnected from people that bring you joy and comfort. It is time to lay back and relax a little. You have a community of people who are here to uplift and support you. Do not be afraid to reach out even if you have been missing in action for a while. Go out for a drink, dance a little, do not flake on that friend's event. Actually show up! You will be surprised to see how good your presence makes other people feel and how much you are appreciated.

What should I do?: Knight of Pentacles Be your own advocate. If things are not how you like them to be, speak up for yourself. Ask for help, and do not be afraid to ask a younger, but educated and experienced person for guidance and assistance. Be mindful of people who offer their help to you but just make things more complicated. Discernment is needed in choosing who to ask for help.

Possible Outcome: The World For some of us we will reach that desired outcome. What we have been working so diligently to achieve will complete. Many relationships, endeavors, careers have played their role in your growth and now you are ready for the next phase. You have so much wisdom and experience and you will experience freedom from karmic situations and ties. We are feeling proud and fulfilled with the final result of a situation. Some of us may experience a stagnation in our progress due to our inability to let go of expired soul connections and circumstances. Take accountability for your role in situations. Let go or be dragged!

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