Full Moon in Pisces Tarot Readings for Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

August full moon falls in the dreamy sign of Pisces and it brings some much needed peace and serenity after the intensity of eclipse season. Expect your sensitivity to increase making you more aware of emotions you have repressed. You may also be very sensitive to the energy of close loved ones. A great time to make peace where there is conflict from a heart centered place. Dive into your spirituality, explore the meanings of your dreams and open your mind to new, more expansive perspectives.

Aries- The Fool

Do not hesitate when your intuition tells you something is right for you. It is time to leap into the unknown with faith and trust that the universe is supporting you in your goals. Trust your own guidance, and truly listen to that higher voice within you that tells you when it is time to move forward and when to proceed with caution.

Taurus- Wheel of Fortune

The tables are going to start turning to your favor. It’s been a slow and steady season for you but you will see your manifestations become fruitful. If you have been doing good work and putting out positive energy expect that energy to come back around to you. If you have been putting out negativity, expect the consequences for that as well. Long cycles are soon to end it is important to remain optimistic.

Gemini- Three of Cups Reversed

As summer starts to unwind you may start feeling a little run down from all the partying, celebrations and social gatherings. The three of cups is hinting at overindulgence of your vices. Whether its coffee, sex or alcohol it is time to put your addictions in check. Balance is necessary. You must take time out from the collective for much needed introspection and discipline.

Cancer- The Sun Reversed

Things are not as bad as you are making them out to be. Hone into your intuitive powers so you can better determine what is real and when your delusions are taking over. Your delusions can range from not seeing anything positive in a situation to being unrealistically optimistic about your abilities to deliver certain tasks. Pick your chin up and find something to be grateful. The sun rises every morning so there is always a new day to make things right.

Leo- Page of Cups

Your intuition is heightened. Pay attention to the signs that have come to you and do not doubt the message you feel you are receiving. Ancestors, spirit guides and angels are working very close to you ensuring you stay on your path. Creativity is at an all time high and the fire within you are passionately burning towards your dreams. Bring love and compassion into emotional stressful situations.

Virgo - Two of Wands

Have that checklist ready. Your exceptional skills at planning,organizing and executing is heightened with creative and vivid visualizations guiding you to the next level up.

Ground yourself as you explore and expand your environment. Seek new fulfilling experiences and step out your comfort zone. You will only experience slow to no progress if you refuse to step outside of what you already mastered.

Libra- Three of Pentacles

You are moving efficiently and are an inspiration and highly valued by your colleagues. You are looked up to for your wisdom. Do not let naysayers dampen your enthusiasm for what you are trying to build. Collaborate with like minded people so you do not carry all the responsibility yourself. Listen to feedback without taking any criticisms to heart. Seek a mentor or teacher to help you execute your plans.

Scorpio- Eight of Pentacles Reversed

You are a perfectionist when it comes to work but lately you have been lacking motivation or inspiration. You dedicated yourself to work that is no longer fulfilling and not bringing a desired outcome. However, to keep yourself from failing or dropping down from your master position you remain in a place where you have outgrown. Expand your horizons and allow yourself the risk of learning new things. This is a great time to take your career or brand to a new direction.

Sagittarius- Justice

You will be judged accordingly for your actions and fairly. Make sure you are playing by the rules and being honest with yourself and others. Any bullshit will be called out so be authentic. Your authenticity will help you recognize the authenticity in others. Expect some progress in legal matters. If you are fighting in court expect a win or things to go in your favor. If you have been deceptive and providing half-truths expect to be held accountable for your actions as well.

Capricorn- Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Plans have changed and not in a way you have expected. Perhaps there is a delay in funds you were expecting, or you may be feeling a sense of defeat and worthlessness not being able to make moves how you would like to. Do not look at your bank accounts to reflect your worth. You are still abundant in many other ways. You are rich in partnerships, love, respect and so many other things. Change your perspective from what has been lost to all that has been gained! The more you put attention to the good things in your life the sooner you will begin to feel grounded again.

Aquarius- Seven of Swords Reversed

You have been experiencing a lot of mental challenges and the stress has been weighing down on you. It is time for you to break free from patterns, addictions and behaviors that keep you from moving forward in peace. If you have been living a double or deceitful life it will be more and more challenging to keep up the act. If you are involved in extra marital affairs you are risking your chances of getting caught. Break free now while you have the chance.

Pisces- Ten of Cups Reversed

There is an emotional blockage present in your marriage and family life that is not allowing you to connect in a harmonious way. Perhaps there has been more fights than usual and thoughts of separation or divorce has become a reoccuring theme. The disharmony in your family has been draining you and making it more and more challenging for you to be compassionate and loving towards your loved ones. Bring yourself to a heart centered place. It is time to decide what are your values when it comes to family and align yourself with that truth.


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