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This summer has been so expansive and healing for me. A few days after the start of summer, I flew to the West Coast and stayed a few days in LA with my partner. Never having gone farther than Chicago, the west coast definitely welcomed me with much love and peace. I heard spirit calling me to head out West for some healing, unsure of how it would look like I booked a flight to California. I do not know anyone who lives in California personally, but I do follow some amazing instragram accounts.

I follow @drdre81 and @crystalladyluna and trusted that through their accounts we will find fun, exciting and spiritual things to do. I met the couple in person and their energy immediately resonated with mine and I was happy to have followed my spirit when it told me to seek them out. We were invited to a Kambo Healing Ceremony at 8th Chakra Studio. Ever since then nothing has ever been the same, in a good way. I have opened the gateway into the world of earth medicine. I have been celebrated and greatly welcomed by its gatekeepers. My connnection to my body, spirit and mama earth has gone deeper than I can ever imagine or explain. Kambo gave me something very sacred that I have longed for, to connect with the medicine woman within me. I am so honored to bring this sacred and powerful medicine back to my community.

Below is some common knowledge on Kambo. It is important you do your research and be completely honest about your health record. As well is the bio's of our amazing facilitators. Natalia, I have personally experienced her magic and power in sacred ceremonies and I am so honored to have someone as amazing as her to co-facilitate our healing journey. Please click here for our upcoming kambo ceremony in the Bronx.


What is Kambo?

Kambo is known as “the vaccine of the forest” and is one of the most powerful, natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world. It is one of the strongest ways to empower our immune systems.

The “Two-Colored Leaf Guardian" lives in the Amazon Rainforest where the natives use it to gain strength, immunity, and cure illnesses. It is one of the world’s most effective and natural antibiotics and immune system boosters. It detoxifies the liver and intestines, improves mental functioning, and has the potential to dissolve emotional blocks. It also helps to RESET our cellular memory!

The frog medicine is made up of many peptides that are beneficial to the human body. Some of these peptides traverse the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the endocrine glands of the brain, resulting in an immune effect and a deep cleanse of the body. Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system, while physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms. Kambo is traditionally known to be anti-inflammatory, to relieve joint pain, to heal eyesight, and to ease pain. Kambo peptides, and their effects, are reported to cover a wide range of potential medical uses: treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, skin and eyes issues, cancer, fertility problems in women, candida, hepatitis, herpes, and many more.

What happens during a Kambo treatment?

Kambo is intense but fast. The unpleasant effects ate strong and immediate but over within 30-40 minutes. The dried Kambo is mixed with a small amount of water and divided into small dots. Then small points called gates are placed unto the surface of the skin. The points are approximately 1/8” across but can be smaller or slightly larger depending on the treatment. The top thin layer of skin is blistered with a hot stick and the skin is peeled off to expose the epidermis underneath - this is similar to when you have a blister and the skin rubs off. There is no blood. The number and position of the points varies from person to person depending on individual needs. If you have a series of treatments in the same session, the same points are reused. The small dots of Kambo are applied to the points. This is the only way to take Kambo – it is not safe to ingest it, snort it or introduce it into the blood stream directly. The Kambo enters directly into the Lymphatic System so the effect is very fast. Most people experience a warm to hot flush on the upper body and face along with increase heart rate. At this point, different people will react in different ways. Some will feel dizzy, foggy or spaced out; the occasional person will shake or even faint. Some people have swollen lips or face and slight kin tingling. The Kambo will be racing around the body, scanning it for problems and then going directly to work on those areas. You may experience a throbbing or burning sensation in those areas for a short while. Some people may feel some abdominal discomfort and need to defecate. Once the Kambo has cleaned the body you will purge all the toxins out. This purging process works on a physical and emotional level. You may feel tired at this point and need to rest. Within a short time – usually an hour or so you will feel much better and you can drink and eat normally. Within a day or so, depending on your state of health, you will start to feel the real benefits.

We can also work with the Meridians, the Chakras, Ayurvedic Nadis and Marma Points and even the ears – Auricular Kambo. Added to this, there are also new techniques to allow people to take Kambo in a way that is gentler on their system but still allows them to enjoy the maximum benefits. Kambo is very safe when given by a properly trained practitioner.


Certain health conditions prevent the use of Kambo. The following is not an exhaustive list of contraindicated conditions. No Kambo should be taken by persons having:

  • *aneurism

  • *blood clots

  • *brain hemorrhage

  • *recent users of diuretics

  • *persons under the age of 18;

  • *pregnant or breastfeeding women with babies under 1 year old;

  • *stroke;

  • *those with serious heart problems, heart transplant or people taking medication for very low blood pressure;

  • *serious wounds externally or internally that have not yet healed such as a very recent surgery;

  • *persons with severe cognitive disorders who are unable to understand the physical processes involved;

  • *persons taking immune system suppressants;

  • *chemotherapy or radiation treatments of less than 4 weeks prior;

  • *animals;

  • *serious mental health conditions, whether or not on medication or undergoing other treatments, except depression.

Caution is required with:

  • *serious eating disorders;

  • *menstrual flow to increase for 24-36 hours;

  • *If you are asthmatic, ensure that you have your inhaler with you;

  • *If you are diabetic, suffer from any major, acute or chronic illness, you must disclose the situation and your current medications prior to your treatment;

  • *certain types of drugs and herbal supplements.

Natalia & Joey

Joey, a certified Ayurveda and Kambo practitioner, guided by passion, intuition and creativity, has an expansive knowledge of nutrition and ultimate wellness. His deep fascination with traditional and indigenous medical systems lead him to explore, practice and later facilitate Ayurveda counseling, Shirodhara (ayurvedic therapy) and transformative Kambo healing sessions.

The combinations of traveling around the world, working with different shamans and elders to studying eastern philosophies, Chinese Medicine, qigong, food as medicine, to the devoted practice of Yoga and Vipassana, Joey can offer a diverse and interesting dialogue to guide you to optimize your daily routines to better balance and strengthen your mind, body, and soul. He can recommend efficient physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditation technique, plant medicines (medicinal herbs) you should work with, different types of body detoxifications programs, awesome food recipes, incredible books, and entertaining podcasts and articles all to inspire you on your journey to premium nutritional wellness. A natural curator of great vibes and an innovator, Joey encourages us to realize our fullest potential.

Natalia, a Chilean medicine woman and artist, has lived and traveled around the world learning from masterful elders that have supported and encouraged her on her path to help others. Magnetized to different lineages from the Andes to the Amazon jungle, Natalia connects us to the knowledge and wisdom of her teachers. Her practice is intuitive and creative as she replenishes transcendental spaces with sacred songs and rituals while she embraces us with her nurturing healing frequency. Her long time passion and devotion to Yoga and meditation led her to recieve her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training certification stuyding Swami Vishnudevananda’s lineage. She generously shares her insights of Hatha Yoga, nutrition and wellness to help bring grounding restorative balance into our daily lives. She can offer great guidance and support to encourage you on your path to attaining inner peace and ultimate self-realization and can give you valuable advice on how to purify the body, mind and spirit. Her greatest teachings come from the simplicity of observing nature, which is an essential inspiration to her current series of drawings characterized as visual medicine. She loves studying psychology, botany, medicinal herbs and is a passionate cook and gardener.

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