Shifting your Reality to Manifest your Heart's Desires.

Do you ever find yourself asking, "why does this shit keep happening to me?" I know I have many times and it could be very frustrating when you are doing the daily healing work and still see certain patterns continuously repeat itself. I recently have been in a bit of an identity crisis. What used to resonate very strongly for me, now I find my spirit repelling. From people, to beliefs, to even what I have been identifying with my entire life. Distraught & confused I turned to prayer for guidance. I sent out an S.O.S to the universe to help me navigate this inner crisis. It did not take long for the universe to respond back. My heart guided me to sign up to the New Earth Mystery School with Maryam Hasnaa and immediately I received valuable guidance to work through what I have been experiencing. It gives me much pleasure to pass on the practical and real wisdoms on how you can shift your reality through timeline jumping. Timeline jumping is a term used to describe bringing your attention to the eternal NOW moment to shift your experiences. With complete awareness of your present thoughts, sensations and feelings you can and allow for multiple possibilities to arrive.

My beloved kundalini teacher has always taught me that I was the creator of my universe. That I am the one who creates and feels my experiences. Your belief system plays a significant role in how you live your day-to-day life. What you believe about yourself and the world around you is what you experience, it becomes your reality. You have been timeline jumping all your life if you pay attention. You have set and visualized so many goals for yourself that you have accomplished and more. For your realities to change, your beliefs or thoughts must change as well. Our own personal timelines change every second based on a single choice. It all comes down to intention. You can choose your desires from emotions, wants and needs to vibrational frequency.

You are here to be of service and simultaneously learn how to create in the physical reality. You must raise your vibrations to match your heart’s desires. You must believe in your ability to create miracles. If you want things to be different in your life or the collective, you must be the one to create it, no one else. You did not come here to re-experience ancestral trauma. You are here to heal the old timelines and to create a new one. You have special unique gifts and a life’s purpose. This is a birthright that is available to all of us. Recognizing that there are multiple types of realities we can experience or tap into allows for unlimited possibilities at any given moment. When you vibrate from the soul you allow for infinite solutions for the highest good.

You may be asking now, how do I timeline jump? How do I shift my reality to one that matches my heart’s calling. The very first step is to set an intention. Maryam Hasnaa sets her intention to “my intentions is to consciously jump timelines.” Set your intentions to what you want to experience at the present moment. Identify your energy signature or how you want to feel. Identify the timeline you want to experience. The collective is currently on the old earth timeline which vibrates on fears, limitations, lacking, and oppression. The new earth timeline which I believe wholeheartedly has started to take root, vibrates on ascension, abundance and is soul-driven.

In order to sustain your intention you must match your vibration to what it is you desire and not waiver under any circumstances. There are so many ways to raise your vibrations. You can raise your vibrations by meditating, yoga, music, surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you, going to the gym, reiki, energy work, or spending time in nature. Visualizing your desired outcome/life/emotions and living as if it is already happening in the now, will support you in maintaining your vibration. It is not really about faking it but patiently manifesting it until it actually happens. Anchor yourself in this vibrational state so you don’t waiver. Even when things get difficult continue to use gratitude and appreciation to anchor you. Nothing brings you back to the present moment like recognizing the good that is in your life and showing gratitude for it.

Do not feed your fears. You are currently living in a world where the majority of the collective is still holding on to the values and belief systems of the old earth. Pay attention to the stories you tell about yourself and the world you live in. Start telling a new story. I realized how I often identify myself as a very sensitive empath and express how I dread commuting so much because people’s energies drain me. I decided to change this story because I want to do healing work for my entire life and I allowing people to drain me of my energy has been limiting my abilities. When I find myself going back to my old thoughts where I blame others for draining me of my energy I now say, “I love people they energize me!” Yesterday I did very intense healing work with a client and I was so pleased that when I got home I still had energy to cook and spend time with my family. In the past, I have always isolated myself after healing work because my energy was so depleted. Learn to become activated in new ways and seek new creativity and solutions.

Identify blocks and unconscious patterns. Be wary of attachments to stories and identities that keep you in a place of suffering and defeat. Your timeline is an accumulation of beliefs and intentions. Move away from the collective timeline and do not be guilty or fearful of it. This does not mean you are turning your back from the suffering of the collective, but you must separate in order to create the new. You are here to lead the way for others, the change begins with you.

Identify if you are in a fixed state or flow state. A fixed state is when you are experiencing limited solutions, fear, anxiety, hate, or worry. When you are in a fixed state you feel stuck and unable to move forward. You may feel as a victim and as if the world is against you. In a fixed state you are either stuck in the past or too concerned about the future. When you are in a flow state you are at peace with whatever arises. Do not waiver when setbacks and challenges occur. You find creative solutions to the problems that present itself when you are completely present to the eternal now moment. You have to persevere to hold on to your vision. You got this.

Below are signs and symptoms that you have jumped timelines:

  1. Synchronicities Increase.

  2. Physical changes, BIG noticeable shifts.

  3. Solutions present itself and everything works itself out.

  4. The past feels like a movie you once watched but no longer resonate with.

  5. Spontaneous healing.

  6. Sudden loss of resonance.

  7. Deja Vu

I hope this information helps you as much as it helped me. If you are interested in one-on-one sessions with me or attending our monthly workshops and events please subscribe to my website below. I am here to be of service to you in your journey back to yourself.

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