Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Apr 17
    Zoom Online Conferencing
    In this workshop we will learn how to honor Obatala. We will prepare an Obatala bath, learn different offerings to him and when they are appropriate in different scenarios. We will also discuss the different paths of Obatala and the Catholic Saint he is connected to.
  • Sat, Apr 24
    Online Zoom Conferencing
    Omio Yemaya! The mother of the world! All children are born of the fishes and the fishes belong to Yemaya. During this workshop we will honor Yemaya as the mother to the motherless. We will discuss the many paths of Yemaya, learn different offerings to bring to her and how to prepare a bath.
  • Sat, May 01
    Online Zoom Conferencing
    The King of Kings. This workshop will encompass the dynamics of Chango our King. We will discuss how Chango rules his kingdom and what are some of the aldimus (offerings) that you can give him for different scenarios in your life, and he can help one fight their battles.
  • Sat, May 08
    Zoom Online Conferencing
    We close out this series discussing and learning about the beautiful Ochun. Learn to access her sweetness and fierceness for your everyday life.

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